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We support you all the way to successful reimbursement.
The increase in costs and the great political pressure, which is particularly affecting new technologies, mean that reimbursements by payers are much more difficult to obtain today than they used to be.


We offer our services for: industry, health insurers, service providers, investors. We coordinate the Health Technology Assessment and seek the right partners.
The increase in costs and the great political pressure, which is particularly affecting new technologies, mean that reimbursements by payers are much more difficult to obtain today than they used to be. Not only for pharmaceuticals, but also for medical devices, the cost pressure has become very large. Many procedural rules are difficult to understand and the requirements for the application documents are always higher.
We help you to structure this process clearly and purposefully, to identify and select the necessary partners and to draft the application documents. This will get you to your destination quickly, namely the reimbursement by insurers. We show you the best way for the strategic positioning of your products. We make the requests for the different commissions for you.
We are the specialists for market access. We know the legal conditions and the conditions in the market. We develop the strategies nationally and internationally and also carry out the projects.
Negotiation and good negotiation is important and becoming more important. We are happy to offer you our many years of experience in negotiations with various partners such as payers and service providers.
  • We conduct negotiations for you
  • We coach and support you
  • We train you
We prepare appraisals about the chances of new technologies on reimbursement.
For investors in particular, it is important to be able to get a clear picture of the issue of reimbursement. It is not enough to have an innovative technology alone! If this is not reimbursed, the market opportunities are very small.
We put together consortia for compensation issues for new technologies. The consortia may include industry, professional societies, hospitals and other service providers.
The compensation system of Switzerland is very complicated. We have compiled a compilation of outpatient and inpatient compensation in Switzerland. Web-based, suitable for intranet and internet. Overview of inpatient compensation, definitions, innovations, etc.

A unique tool, we are pleased to make you an offer.



Delays and uncertanties surrounding the application process for reimbursement of new technologies can be very expensive.

We make sure that the reimbursement process for your products and technologies is expedient and efficient.

Faster, more predictable reimbursement for new technologies.

Precise project management.


We offer internal and public seminars.

Next public seminar

Introduction to Contract Negotiation in Health Care, August 28, 2019

in the culture and congress center Aarau



At the beginning there is the problem analysis and the choice of the right tools and methods

Time and schedule


Completion and analysis

Professional, goal-oriented and solution-oriented


Florian Mitscherlich

Florian Mitscherlich born 04.10.1958, married 3 children, has been working as an independent healthcare consultant for more than twenty years.

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Previously, he was head of legal services and administrative secretary of a medium-sized health insurance company. After studying law at the University of Zurich, he intensively trained in the areas of management, project management, data protection and mediation. In recent years, he has been involved in particular with the reimbursement of innovative technologies (Health Technology Assessment, HTA) nationally and internationally and accompanied numerous projects in this area. Florian Mitscherlich is very familiar with the complex problems of the healthcare system and knows the needs of the service providers and service providers from their own experience.

Christian Mitscherlich

Christian Mitscherlich, lawyer, MLaw, has been working for ICHI GmbH since 2012. He studied at the University of Bern and acquired the bar certificate of the canton of Bern

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In addition to his work for ICHI GmbH, Christian Mitscherlich worked in commercial law firms in Bern and Zurich and continues to work as a lawyer. In addition to the reimbursement right, his areas of specialization include contract, IT and data protection law.

ICHI GmbH (Institute for collaborating HTA and implementation) was founded at the beginning of 2004. Seat of the company is Burgdorf.

The main focus of ICHI is the development of reimbursement models for innovative technologies, HTA, market access for medical technology and pharmaceuticals.


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